A new year, a different course …

2020, what a special year it was. A time in which our company, Wrap My Bike, has made a big step forward despite the corona crisis. Including own printing equipment, new products and reinforcement within the team.

Now on January 1 2021, when this piece is being written, we look back on a very good year. There have also been many learning moments for us, things that we want to do differently in the coming year. And one of those changes is quite significant. It will take our company quite a different course, but all to be able to make even more great products.

What will change then?

Your wrap for the racing bike, mountain bike or any other bike will no longer be done in the usual way (request quote – approval – design – wrapping). We no longer offer this service in this way. But do not be sad. A new bicycle design is still for sale, or maybe even for free.

About the course of 2021 …

One design kit is posted on our social media every working day. At the end of the week, it will be determined which was the most popular and this kit will then be available for purchase once (so 100% unique). Subscribers to the newsletter are the first to be informed of this. This gives you a small advantage over other enthusiasts.

In addition, such a complete custom kit will be given away among the registrants once every 2 months. Such a kit therefore consists of 1 bicycle wrap, 1 helmet wrap and various accessories.

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But there is more …

As you may already notice, we will wrap a maximum of 4 bicycles per month. This ensures that your chosen design remains exclusive and that we can deliver a lot of attention and value.

The ‘skin’ products, of which our Wahooskins is our first example, will become our new focus.


Because in this way we can have even more cyclists, worldwide, personalize a part of their outfit. Because photos from Australia, Malaysia or America where our products can be seen have made our hearts beat faster and faster last year. Partly thanks to the many enthusiastic responses we received from customers.

What kind of skins can you expect?

The cycling computers, with the Wahooskins in the lead, has been our first product. One that we will develop further in the coming year, of course. In addition, different helmet brands come with skins (such as this Lazer Genesis), for cranksets for protection, cycling glasses and much more.

Of course equipped with the coolest designs, such as the reflective foil that we recently presented for the wahooskins.

Enough planning. We will do our utmost to make it another great year in 2021!

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