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Are you going to compete with us?

In 8 weeks, we, from team Wrap My Bike, will prepare for our cycling race against you! A competition which is held on the online platform Zwift.

Under the guidance of our trainer, we make a step-by-step plan to appear as fit as possible at the start. And you too can make use of our schedules, so that you too can prepare optimally!

We record our progress through weekly videos on Youtube and we share news within our Strava community. In this way we also keep an eye on our competition 😉

For both the participants and the winners there are of course great prizes to be won. A complete bike wrap for the winner, for example.

Win unique prizes
Prizes for both participants and winners.

Training schedules
Available for different levels.

Follow our adventures
Every week videos about our adventures on the bike.

Train and race together
Twice a week we train together on Zwift.

Tips from experts
Receive exercise and nutrition tips to get better.

Watch the competition

Stay up to date with all training in the community.

Who are you going to compete with?
3 (starting) cyclists who take up the challenge with themselves and all participants to ride a race within 8 weeks, on the online cycling platform Zwift

Who we are?

Renzo Bot, 23 years old has never been on a racing bike and is therefore the absolute starter of the three of us. Nobody knows yet how Renzo will do it. One thing is certain, Renzo is really looking forward to it!
Wout Koomen is 21 years old and is our great talent. Technical on the mountain bike and an ‘executioner’ on the bike. This year he took it easy on the bike with about 950 kilometers. The plan is to more than double that in the next 8 weeks.
Tim Groot, is 23 years old and the former competitive cyclist. Despite the fact that cycling has been on the back burner for 1.5 years, he draws hope from his experience on the racing bike in the past. We will find out on July 16 whether that will be enough for the profit.

Challenge participants receive:

Train with professional schedules

Renzo, Wout and Tim have done their first test. Based on this, professional schedules have been made for training. These schedules are composed on three different levels. Renzo schedule for the starters, Wout schedule for the advanced cyclist and Tim schedule for the Elite cyclists.

‘Challenge’ cycling jersey

As befits Wrap My Bike, you have to be well-groomed for a race. Participants could choose for a custom Wrap My Bike cycling jersey. Available in two variants.

A colorful and a quiet variant, something for everyone.

Learn with and from us

We record our entire progress through videos on Youtube and blogs within the Strava community. That way you can learn a lot from our mistakes alone 😉

But you can also learn with us. Experts regularly speak during the challenge. What is the correct cycling position? What food should you take? What material do we use?

Super educational!

Train together with us

Training together is still more fun than training on your own. In addition, the joint training also provides a nice incentive to get on the bike. That is why we get on the bike at Zwift at least twice a week to complete our training sessions together. Why on Zwift? Because you can train in a very controlled and specific way indoors.

Will you take up the challenge with us?

✅ Train together with Wrap My Bike and became fitter!
Take the challenge to beat our team
✅ Prizes for winners and participants.
✅ Train with schedules to achieve your goals more easily
✅ Receive training and nutrition tips from experts
✅ Become part of the community (and watch you competitors 😜)
Ride with like-minded people to achieve your goal

€ 27,-

BEAT Wrap my Bike Challenge

Become part of the challenge. Work with us towards the goal on July 16, our match against you!

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BEAT Wrap my Bike Challenge

Don’t need a training schedule or cycling jersey? Be kept up to date with our live training courses, progress and receive information from experts.

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